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Retail Council of Canada fights unapologetically for the concerns of small retail business owners and has developed several resources and savings programs to help independent retailers succeed.

Canadian Independent Bookstore Day

CIBD is a day when readers, writers, illustrators, publishers, and other industry supporters come together to celebrate indie bookstores across Canada.

Key Issues

Podcasts for Indies
Podcasts for Indies

Want to hear stories of other successful entrepreneurs? Here, we've compiled a series of interviews from The Voice of Retail TM podcast featuring some of Canada’s most brilliant independent retailers and entrepreneurs. Listen in as they share insights, provide solutions, and help others realize their potential.

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Payment and Credit Card Fees
Payment and Credit Card Fees

Canadians pay some of the highest interchange in the world. Close to 1.5% of Canadian credit card spending goes directly to the big credit card companies and their issuing banks, therefore reducing retailers’ profit margins and driving up prices for Canadian consumers. Lowering these fees will make doing business in Canada more affordable and will save Canadians money on their everyday purchases.

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Chase Merchant Services

Whether you accept payments online, in store, or on-the-go, Chase Merchant Services has a solution that works for you. Chase also offer options for businesses to integrate payments with a POS software, accept online payments through a website or shopping cart, and use data encryption technologies for fraud prevention. RCC Members receive exclusive rates. Learn more




BarterPay has taken the age-old practice of one-to-one bartering and transformed it into a one-to-many organized system where thousands of businesses are converting their unsold time and space and idle inventory into what they need and conserving their hard-earned cash. Learn more



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